Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Intimate Dive Bar Tour

Tour for a professional singer surely becomes very important part of her or his career. They can make song and compile it into one album. However, there is no way they can introduce it closer and further to people if they do not promote it. The best way of promoting must be perform the songs in front of the audience directly. It must be great to have a huge tour which is attended by so many people. However, it is a little bit different with Lady Gaga when she was promoting her latest album Joanne.

Instead of holding a big concert tour, she decided to promote her album to the audience in more intimate way. She did not choose the huge concert venue which could afford a lot of people but she made the concert in the dive bars. That is why her promotional tour was called the Dive Bar Tour. The lady gaga bar tour was held in three dive bars in different cities of the United States of America. Of course people can imagine the concert tour which was more intimate.

People could find three dates in October 2016 according to the lady gaga dive bar tour schedule. However, the performances were live streamed on the Facebook page of Bud Light and Lady Gaga herself.

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