Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Although people are still talking about the performance of Lady Gaga during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, of course people cannot forget about her great works from the past albums. There were some albums which made her name reach the fame after all. Born This Way album surely became one of the best albums by Lady Gaga. Born This Way song can be inspiration for many people with different circumstances.
Until today, people are still looking for the lady gaga born this way lyrics to learn more about the deep meaning behind the song. This song was written by Lady Gaga herself along with Jeppe Laursen. This track was made during The Monster Ball Tour. 90’s music became inspiration for this track. One thing for sure, people cannot deny that this track can be the empowerment for women as well as gay community. It was the freedom song for her according to Lady Gaga.

The born this way lyrics meaning became controversy among people but still it could not stop Lady Gaga to inspire people and speak out for specific community. Of course the lyric and music was completed with the music video which could represent the meaning much further although it also got some critics.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

It is interesting to learn further about the song lyrics from the Lady Gaga because it is not only about the story but it is also about the inspiration for people. There is no doubt that people can find great songs which can be inspiring from Lady Gaga’s album. Bad Romance can be a song from her third extended play which people will love greatly. It can be found from The Fame Monster album released in 2009.
People will find that it is a great song simply by reading the lady gaga bad romance lyrics. The song was written by Lady Gaga and RedOne. In fact, they did not only write it but also produce it. According to the lyric, this song explains the attraction of Lady Gaga to someone but for him romance will never work. This song can be representation for the relationship which is filled with loneliness as well as paranoia she has during the tour. The greatness of the song was proven since it got two Grammy Awards for the best short form music video as well as the best female pop vocal performance.

There is no doubt that people from various countries want to learn further about the lyrics. It is easy to find the bad romance lyrics French after all.

Intimate Dive Bar Tour

Tour for a professional singer surely becomes very important part of her or his career. They can make song and compile it into one album. However, there is no way they can introduce it closer and further to people if they do not promote it. The best way of promoting must be perform the songs in front of the audience directly. It must be great to have a huge tour which is attended by so many people. However, it is a little bit different with Lady Gaga when she was promoting her latest album Joanne.

Instead of holding a big concert tour, she decided to promote her album to the audience in more intimate way. She did not choose the huge concert venue which could afford a lot of people but she made the concert in the dive bars. That is why her promotional tour was called the Dive Bar Tour. The lady gaga bar tour was held in three dive bars in different cities of the United States of America. Of course people can imagine the concert tour which was more intimate.

People could find three dates in October 2016 according to the lady gaga dive bar tour schedule. However, the performances were live streamed on the Facebook page of Bud Light and Lady Gaga herself.