Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Although people are still talking about the performance of Lady Gaga during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, of course people cannot forget about her great works from the past albums. There were some albums which made her name reach the fame after all. Born This Way album surely became one of the best albums by Lady Gaga. Born This Way song can be inspiration for many people with different circumstances.
Until today, people are still looking for the lady gaga born this way lyrics to learn more about the deep meaning behind the song. This song was written by Lady Gaga herself along with Jeppe Laursen. This track was made during The Monster Ball Tour. 90’s music became inspiration for this track. One thing for sure, people cannot deny that this track can be the empowerment for women as well as gay community. It was the freedom song for her according to Lady Gaga.

The born this way lyrics meaning became controversy among people but still it could not stop Lady Gaga to inspire people and speak out for specific community. Of course the lyric and music was completed with the music video which could represent the meaning much further although it also got some critics.

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